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Patriot 4" High-Power Rocket Kit [K-3134]


Patriot 4\" High-Power Rocket Kit

In Stock. Ships Mar 25

Skill Level: 3

The Madcow 4" Patriot is a simple 4 fins and a nose cone 1:4 scale model of the Patriot missile. The kit includes a pre-slotted body tube, heavy-duty plastic nose cone, laser-cut 1/4" plywood fins, 38mm cardboard MMT, 1/4" plywood centering rings, 12-foot tubular nylon shock cord, eye bolts and washers and Delrin rail buttons. All tubes are heavy-duty cardboard. You also get the "US Army" vinyl decal, the rest is painted.
Dual Deployment Capable - you can build it for your Level 1 certification, and then it is easy to add electronics for your Level 2.

  • Length: 52.5"
  • Diameter: 4"
  • Weight: 53 oz.
  • Motor Mount: 38 mm.
  • Recommended motors: H - J
  • Recovery System: Parachute Not Provided (42" recommended)
  • CG: 28" from the nose tip.

This is a high-power kit.
You need to adjust CG, pick the parachute and retainer, therefore we suggest this kit for people with previous rocket building experience. Epoxy can cause an allergic reaction in some people. Adult supervision and wearing rubber gloves is recommended when working with epoxy.

This kit does not include an engine retention system. It is up to the builder to provide for motor retention. We recommend the 38mm diameter Aero Pack Engine Retainers (38P). They also give any rocket an extra professional-looking appearance. For dual-deployment - don't forget to pick 4" Altimeter Bay.

 Assembly Instructions

  • Manufactured by: Madcow Rocketry