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Assembly Skill Levels explained

Ready to Fly or RTF

Ready to Fly rockets come assembled and ready for launch. There are no gluing, painting, sanding or other skills required.

Easy to Assemble, or E2X.

These kits require some assembly and plastic cement. No painting or sanding is required. Most sets will require about 45 minutes to assemble.

Skill Level 1

Skill Level 1 rocket kits are best for beginners in rocket building. Usually, you will need to sand and glue the fins and with some kits - paint your rocket. Expect to spend an evening assembling the rocket. If you do not use fast drying glue, you need to wait overnight for the glue to dry completely.

Skill Level 2

The Skill Level 2 rocket is the next tier for advanced builder. Features include - unfinished plastic nose cones, laser cut balsa or plastic fins and unfinished body tubes. Assembly may take 24 hours to complete. In addition to the skills you need in Level 1 - You will also need to finish the surface of the fins and clear-coat your rocket. You will also find that these kits have more complex paint schemes and you may need to buy few cans of spray paint.

Skill Level 3

Skill Level 3 Model Rockets require moderate skills in model rocket construction and finishing. Features include multiple balsa or plastic fins, plastic nose cones, unfinished body tubes and complex designs. Assembly may take a couple of days.

Skill Level 4

The Skill Level 4 kits are more difficult to assemble, so it is recommended you take the time to read reviews and details on the product. These kits include smaller pieces and more specialized designs that may take much longer to complete. Expect to spend at least 2 days.

Skill Level 5

Skill Level 5 Rocket kits are recommended for experienced rocket builders. It is important to read reviews and details about the product before making the decision to purchase a rocket. The model rocket kits include small pieces that may be difficult to work with and more difficult paint schemes.