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Pavel Denau

Why we do what we do

Hi! My name is Pavel and I love model rocketry. I am actively involved in low-power and high-power rocketry and launch rockets with family and friends quite often.

Why Us

  • We work hard on finding the best deals on rocket kits, motors and accessories available so that we can pass the savings to you.

  • This is not a part-time, on-the-side business, so you can be assured - your order is processed quickly and in most cases is in the mail on the day the order is made.

  • We do not overcharge for shipping. You only pay the actual shipping amount plus the cost of the box.

  • Everything you can check out - is in stock in our warehouse. We do not sell what we don't have, or use drop-shipping, so you can be sure that you get your order on time.

Why model rocketry is such a great hobby

When you come to think about that, model rocketry is an amazing family bonding activity. The great thing about the rockets is that small kids, teenagers and even college students find this hobby equally fascinating. My friend has a 15-year old son and a 21-year old daughter, and they both love launching rockets with him.
Model rocketry has a great educational value as well. When your kids are old enough, they are sure to love building the rockets with you. Model rocketry is sure to get them excited and motivated to learn.

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