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Pro Series. Majestic Rocket Kit [est9707]


Pro Series. Majestic Rocket Kit

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Skill Level: E2X

We just made the "big boy" toys easier than ever! Now available in our Easy to Assemble format, the Majestic has a chromed nose cone and fins. An awesome sight on the launch pad and in the sky! So easy track, regardless of how high it flies!


  • Length: 35.3" (90 cm)
  • Diameter: 2" (5.1 cm)
  • Weight: 9.6 oz. (273 g)
  • Motor Mount: 29 mm.
  • Recovery System: Parachute
  • Projected Max Altitude: 2000 ft. (610 m)

The motor mount size and design also allows using E through G single-use and reloadable motors. Adapters needed for E-F single-use or 24/40 casing.

  • Manufactured by: Estes