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DX3 2.6" Fiberglass Dual-Deploy Rocket Kit. 38mm Mount


DX3 2.6\" Fiberglass Dual-Deploy Rocket Kit. 38mm Mount

In Stock. Ships Aug 26

Skill Level: 2

This Madcow Rocketry DX3 is an all fiberglass 2.6" diameter 3 fin high-power rocket with a removable Altimeter Bay. The kit is complete, with a pre-slotted body tube, fg nose cone with composite tip, 3 laser-cut 1/8" G10, 38mm fgd motor tube, G10 centering rings, a Nylon shock cord and hardware. No decals included.


  • Length: 63"
  • Diameter: 2.6"
  • Weight: 28 oz.
  • Motor Mount: 38 mm.
  • Recovery System: Not Included

This is an advanced kit.

You may need to adjust CG and either friction-fit your motor or use the retainer. Epoxy can cause an allergic reaction in some people. Adult supervision and wearing rubber gloves is recommended when working with epoxy. You need to sand the fiberglass nose cone and other fiberglass parts. Watch out for the fiberglass strands sticking up inside the nose cone - they are glass. Wear a particle mask to avoid breathing in the fiberglass dust. This kit is a big rocket, which requires extra safety precautions when flown. Patience and acquired flying skills to know when NOT to fly are just as important as quality construction techniques.

Since this is an advanced kit, we expect you to have launch equipment and experience building and launching mid-power rockets, therefore we do not provide the list of all required tools and materials for this rocket kit. Below are just several items you may need as well as links to motors and paint.

  • Manufactured by: Madcow Rocketry