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DX3 2.6" Model Rocket Kit [K-3126]


DX3 2.6\" Model Rocket Kit

In Stock. Ships Mar 25

Skill Level: 1

Great First Midpower Rocket. This Madcow Rocketry DX3 is an easy to build 2.6" diameter 3 fin mid-power rocket with a large payload section. The kit is complete, with a pre-slotted body tube, a payload tube, plastic nose cone, 3 laser-cut 1/8" plywood fins, 29mm 8" cardboard motor tube, plywood centering rings, a cardboard coupler with plywood bulkhead, a Nomex chute protector, a Kevlar/Nylon shock cord (total length about 8 feet), eyebolt and washers, 1/4" launch lugs, and a 24" nylon parachute. All tubes are heavy-duty cardboard. Large payload section allows you to modify this kit for dual deployment.

  • Length: 44.5"
  • Diameter: 2.6"
  • Weight: 15 oz.
  • Motor Mount: 29 mm.
  • Recovery System: Nylon Parachute
  • CG: 31" from the nose tip.

You may need to adjust CG and either friction-fit your motor or use the retainer. Epoxy can cause an allergic reaction in some people. Adult supervision and wearing rubber gloves is recommended when working with epoxy.
For dual-deployment - don't forget to pick 2.6" Altimeter Bay.

Everything in this section is needed to build and fly this rocketPriceAdd to Cart
5 Min Quick-Cure Epoxy 4.5 oz$15.25Buy
4 Sanding sheets Grit 150 to 600$3.00Buy
F20-4W 29mm rocket motor 2 pack. 55Ns/2.8sec$48.50Out Of Stock
Complete Mid-Power Launch System$223.40Out Of Stock
UB1250 Sealed Lead Acid Battery, 12 Volts, 5 Ah$26.80Buy
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Rust-Oleum White Primer 12oz (340 g)$9.98Buy
Testors Gloss White$8.30Buy
Testors Gloss Dark Blue$8.30Buy
Upgrade ...PriceAdd to Cart
Aeropack 29 mm Aluminum Retainer. L$31.00Buy
 Assembly Instructions

  • Manufactured by: Madcow Rocketry