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Let us help you find the right launch system.

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What is "launch system".

Launch system is required to launch your rocket. It serves 2 purposes: It ignites the rocket engine and makes sure your rocket is going up.
You will find the following components of a launch system: Launch Pad and Launch Controller. Launch Pad is used to direct your rocket up to the sky and stops the flame from hitting the ground (or dry grass). Launch controller ignites the engine at the moment you press the button. It will also have a safety key which prevents starting your engine by accident. Launch systems come in different sizes and you need to choose one based on the rocket you have.

I need help choosing the launch system

It all depends on whether you want to get the launch system that will allow you to launch larger rockets. Click on the "Launch System" link in the rocket description ("Requires" section). This will link to the minimum required launch system needed to launch this rocket.
Below are the launch systems ordered from basic, to the ones allowing you to launch all rockets from smaller to the largest ones.

  • If the description of the rocket does not say you need a E launch pad or 3/16" maxi rod and you do not plan to launch more powerful rockets in the near future, we suggest you get Estes Porta Pad Launch system. It includes Launch Pad and Launch Controller with 1/8" rod.
  • If you would like to launch all low-power rockets with "Mini" to "D" rocket motors, we suggest getting the Launch Systems with 3/16" maxi Rod.
  • If you plan to launch larger rockets with up to E black powder motors rockets you need Complete E Launch System. This launch system comes with 1/4" launch rod and can be used with 3/16" launch rod as well. The controller will only work for Black Powder Motors.
  • If you want to be able to launch larger E to F* powered rockets with either black powder or composite motors, select Pro Controller and Pro Launch Base. This pad comes with 1/4" launch rod and Pro Controller can be used to launch rockets with composite motors. The pad is not designed for smaller launch rods.
  • If you would rather get a pad and controller that you can use for all your rockets, including larger mid-power, or even our High-Power certification rocket then "Mantis" Pad with Interlock Controller will be your best choice.
* This controller can ignite G motors, but we recommend to be at least 40ft away from the rocket powered by "G" motor. Therefore Interlock controller will be a better choice for "G" powered flights.

I want to buy a rocket, but description says I need to buy Maxi Launch Rod, or 3/16" launch rod.

There are few heavier rockets that require longer launch rod which is 1/16 inch thicker than standard 1/8 launch rod. If you have the launch system already, you need to add 3/16" Maxi rod to your order, just make sure your pad has a slot for 3/16" rod.

Is there a launch system that will work for all rocket sizes?

Yes, the Mantis Launch Pad and Controller will work for all low through mid-power rockets you can buy on this site. The launch controller comes with 1/4 inch launch rod only. You need to add 1/8" and/or 3/16" launch rod to your order if you want to launch smaller rockets. Please keep in mind that interlock controller requires an external 12V battery.