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Mantis launch Pad [aro89281]


Mantis launch Pad

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Mantis is a mid-size Model Rocket Launch Pad. It includes 1/4" Launch Rod and also slots for 1/8" and 3/16" Launch Rods. This makes it great pad to launch all your mid-power or low-power rockets.

  • Fully adjustable elevation and azimuth.
  • 2 piece threaded 1/4" launch rod.
  • Easy swing-arm loading; it can lower the launch rod to a horizontal position.
  • Removable aluminum legs.
  • Angled metal blast deflector plate.
  • Accepts rod sizes: 1/4", 3/16" and 1/8" (only 1/4" is included).
  • The loaded rocket is positioned 2 feet above the ground near mounted wire clips that hold the launch controller cord, making igniter hook-up convenient and comfortable.
  • A launch-angle control wheel simplifies adjustment of the launch elevation of the rocket.
  • Swivel base.
  • Launch controller cord mounting clips.
  • Aerospace red and grey colors.
  • Instructions provided.


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  • Manufactured by: Aerotech HobbyLine