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Confirmed...# 1 shop !

My friend and member of our rocketry club was looking for a mid-power kit so as to launch from ouy smaller field.He wanted something big but light enough to fly on F motors, so I told him to contact Pavel and buy the Aerotech "MIRAGE" he did as well as some motors and the new First Fire JR's. My friend spoke to Pavel and found him to be extremely helpful and pleasant ,as well the prices were the best around and shipping very prompt! Another happy customer !

As for myself, and with all the great new product Pavel has added to his store, I can say without a doubt.....there really is no need for me to shop anywhere else for ALL my rocketry needs, be it low power to my large High power needs.

Pavel and his store are the # 1 shop around !

CAR 1033
Level 3
Testimonial By: Paul T.

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