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PL12 SD-10A Model Rocket Kit [RK-1015]


PL12 SD-10A Model Rocket Kit

In Stock. Ships Aug 26

  • Military-Scale Rocket
  • Uses D, E Estes or D, E, F Aerotech Motors
  • Ejection Baffle (no wadding required)
  • Includes laser-cut plywood centering rings and fins, plastic nose and tail-cone, 18" pre-assembled plastic parachute.
  • Decals included
  • Over 30" Tall
  • Intermediate Assembly Skills Required


  • Length: 30.3" (77 cm)
  • Diameter: 1.64" (42 mm)
  • Weight: 4.27 oz. (117 g)
  • Motor Mount: 24 mm
  • Recovery System: Parachute

Recommended Engines:

D12-5 (850), E12-6 (1320), E20-7 (1500), F30-6 (1860), F32-6 (2120)

Aerotech® RMS 24/40 (apogee ft):
D15-5* (940), E18-7 (1690), E28-7 (1670), F24-7 (1960)

Pro24® (apogee ft):
24-E22-6 (1140), 26-E31-6 (1220)


The PL12 Air-to-Air Missile is operated mainly by the Chinese and Pakistani military forces. The missile is often launched from JF-17 Thunder jet fighters.

The PL12 flying model rocket can be launched on a variety of rocket engines, ranging from D to F. This lets you easily adjust altitude for launch site dimensions. This hobby rocket comes complete with decals, and fin mounting attachment templates, for added detail.

Everything in this section is needed to build and fly this rocketPriceAdd to Cart
Porta-Pad System with Maxi Rod$46.10Buy
Estes Rocket Recovery Wadding$6.40Buy
Elmers Carpenters Glue$4.00Buy
Masking Tape$3.49Buy
4 Sanding sheets Grit 150 to 600$3.00Buy
Testors Gloss White$8.30Buy
Testors Light Aircraft Gray$8.30Buy
Rust-Oleum White Primer 12oz (340 g)$9.98Buy
D12-5 model rocket engine. 2 pack$13.30Buy
4 pack of 1.5 v Duracell AA batteries$3.95Buy
Clear Coat$7.75Buy
Recommended MotorsPriceAdd to Cart
E12-6 Mid-Power rocket engines. 3 Pack$27.45Buy
D12-5 model rocket engine. 2 pack$13.30Buy
F30-6FJ 24mm rocket motor. 47Ns/1.5 sec$21.50Buy
F32-6T 24mm rocket motor. 57Ns/1.7 sec$21.50Buy
24/40 ReloadsPriceAdd to Cart
D15-7T 24/40 Reload Kit. 3 Pack$24.75Buy
E18-7W 24/40 Reload Kit. 3 Pack$31.25Buy
E28-7T 24/40 Reload Kit. 3 Pack$31.25Buy
F24-7W 24/40 Reload Kit. 3 Pack$35.75Buy

  • Manufactured by: Rocketarium