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Miranda 3.0" Rocket Kit


Miranda 3.0\" Rocket Kit

In Stock. Ships Dec 10

Skill Level: 3

An unusual six-fin design, the 3" diameter Miranda will turn heads at any launch site. Comes with our Kwik-Switch 2000 motor mount as standard equipment. Flies on G thru J power. Payload bay measures 12".

  • Length: 62"
  • Diameter: 3"
  • Weight: 52oz.
  • Motor Mount: 54/38/29mm Kwik-Switch
  • Recovery System: Piston, Nylon Parachute
  • Fins: Fiberglass
  • Decals: PML Logo
  • Linear Rail Guides: for 1" Rail
  • CP: 50" from the nose tip.

You may need to adjust CG and either friction-fit your motor or use the retainer. Epoxy can cause an allergic reaction in some people. Adult supervision and wearing rubber gloves is recommended when working with epoxy.
Recommended Motors and Altitude Chart

 Assembly Instructions

29 mm Reload kitsPriceAdd to Cart
H128W-14A (29/180) Reload. 173Ns/1.3sec$27.55Buy
H165R (29/180) Reload. 165Ns/1.0sec$27.55Out Of Stock
H238T-14A (29/180) Reload. 166Ns/0.7sec$27.55Buy
H180W (29/240) Reload. 218Ns/1.3sec$30.95Buy
H210R (29/240) Reload. 215Ns/1.0sec$30.95Buy
H220T (29/240) Reload. 220Ns/1.0sec$30.95Buy
H268R (29/360) Reload. 320Ns/1.2sec$36.75Buy
I200W (29/360) Reload. 325Ns/1.7sec$38.75Buy
38 mm Reload KitPriceAdd to Cart
H73J (38/240) Reload. 186Ns/2.6sec$29.95Buy
H123W (38/240) Reload. 224Ns/1.8sec$29.95Buy
H242T (38/240) Reload. 232Ns/1.1sec$29.95Buy
H112J (38/360) Reload. 261Ns/2.9sec$42.55Buy
I161W-14A (38/360). 329Ns/1.8sec$48.95Buy
I218R-14A (38/360) Reload. 330Ns/1.5sec$47.75Buy
I357T-14A (38/360) Reload. 342Ns/1.0sec$43.55Buy
I154J (38/480) Reload. 378Ns/3.0sec$53.35Buy
I285R-14A (38/480) Reload. 420Ns/1.5sec$53.35Buy
I211W-14A (38/480) Reload. 442Ns/1.7sec$53.35Buy
I300T (38/480) Reload. 427Ns/1.4sec$53.35Buy
I195J (38/600) Reload. 426Ns/2.1sec$58.15Out Of Stock
I366R (38/600) Reload. 539Ns/1.5sec$58.15Buy
I284W (38/600) Reload. 607Ns/1.9sec$58.15Buy
I435T (38/600) Reload. 569Ns/1.1sec$58.15Buy
J350W-14A (38/720) Reload. 697Ns/1.8sec$70.75Buy
J420R (38/720) Reload. 650Ns/1.5sec$70.75Buy
54 mm Reload KitPriceAdd to Cart
J90 (54/852) Reload. 707Ns/6.9sec$77.55Buy
J180T (54/852) Reload. 764Ns/4.5sec$77.55Buy
J275W (54/852) Reload. 774Ns/3.3sec$77.55Buy
J315R (54/852) Reload. 763Ns/2.6sec$77.55Out Of Stock
J460T (54/852) Reload. 806Ns/1.8sec$77.55Out Of Stock
J135W (54/1280) Reload. 1069Ns/6.8sec$96.95Buy
K185W (54/1706) Reload. 1417Ns/6.9sec$119.35Buy

  • Manufactured by: Public Missiles