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G79. Pro38, 1 Grain, Smokey Sam, 129G79-13A [CTI-38-129G79]



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  • Propellant: Smokey Sam
  • Diameter: 38mm
  • Casing: Pro38 1G (With Spacer 2G, 3G)
  • Burn Time: 1.6 sec
  • Delay: 13 sec. Adjustable
  • Total Impulse: 129 Nsec
  • Max Thrust: 95 N
  • Total Mass: 226 g
  • Propellant Mass: 82.7 g
  • Igniter: 1 Included

Must be 18+ to purchase.

For use with this CasingPriceAdd to Cart
Pro38 1 Grain Motor Casing. Fits "G" Reloads$38.39Buy
Fits into following casing(s) with SpacerPriceAdd to Cart
Pro38 2 Grain Motor Casing. Fits "H" Reloads$46.09Buy
Pro38 3 Grain Motor Casing. Fits "I" Reloads$55.29Buy
Pick the following items to adjust Ejection Delay (it is reusable, you only need one each)PriceAdd to Cart
Delay Adjustment Tool for Pro24, 29, 38$21.49Buy
You need the Spacer(s) if you use larger Casings (reusable)PriceAdd to Cart
Pro38 Spacer$12.49Buy
Or, Get the Special Set that includes all hardware for this reloadPriceAdd to Cart
Pro38 Hardware Starter Kit. Fits "G", "H", "I", "J" Reloads$153.79Buy

  • Manufactured by: Cesaroni Technology Inc.