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Universal Delay Drilling Tool (UDDT)


Universal Delay Drilling Tool (UDDT)

In Stock. Ships Mar 25

The Universal Delay Drilling Tool is the new tool for adjusting the delay on the new AeroTech DMS single-use high-power motors and new RMS EZ Reloads. These motors come stock with a long (usually 14-second) delay, this tool is used to trim the delay down to a shorter delay in 2-second increments.

Note that this tool is designed for the new DMS single-use and RMS EZ line of high-power motors only. For adjusting delays on RMS products, use the 18-38mm or the 54mm RMS Delay Drilling tools.

Until further notice this tool is provided free with DMS motors or EZ reloads. Limit - 1 per customer.

  • Manufactured by: Aerotech Consumer Aerospace