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MJG Firewire Mini Initiator 3ft (10 pack) [MJG89890-2]


MJG Firewire Mini Initiator 3ft (10 pack)

In Stock. Ships Aug 19

This is the smaller tip version of the firewire igniter and works best for firing ejection charges, most black powder and smaller composite motors. Please see the list of motors we tested it with.

This initiator is best for ejection charges and the following motors

Black Powder - 1/2A, A10, A8, B4, B6, C6, D12, E9, E12, E16, F15
Composite S/U - E30, F20, F23, F30, F32, F42, F50, G38, G40
Composite Reloads - E23, F62, G54, G61, G64, G67
HP - H45

Take a look at the standard Firewire igniter for other motors.

Firewire Initiator

Bridgewire Resistance Maximum No-Fire Current Minimum All-Fire Current Recommended Minimum Firing Current Recommended Nominal Firing Current Maximum Test Current 
1 ohm +/- .2 ohms .30 amp. (300milliamp.) .60 amp (600 milliamp.)  .75 amp  1.00 amp .04 amp (40 milliamp.)

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