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RDK-06. 29mm Delay Kit. 3 Pack [aro06plu]



In Stock. Ships Feb 21

This Kit contains 3 delay charges to adjust delay time to 14 seconds for the following reloads:
F62T-L, G104T-L, H165R-L, H238T-L, H210R-L, H220T-L, H268R-L.

You can further modify the delay time by using the delay adjustment tool.
HP-Style Reloads. Don't forget to adjust delay time!PriceAdd to Cart
G77R-14A (29/120) Reload. 105Ns/1.1sec$22.75Buy
HP ReloadsPriceAdd to Cart
H165R (29/180) Reload. 165Ns/1.0sec$29.15Out Of Stock
H238T-14A (29/180) Reload. 166Ns/0.7sec$29.15Buy
H220T (29/240) Reload. 220Ns/1.0sec$31.75Buy
H210R (29/240) Reload. 215Ns/1.0sec$31.75Buy
H268R (29/360) Reload. 320Ns/1.2sec$37.75Buy
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  • Manufactured by: Aerotech Consumer Aerospace