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54mm Reload Adapter System


54mm Reload Adapter System

In Stock. Ships Mar 25

This is a new version, which includes the spacer for 54/2800 case

The system can be used with 54/852, 54/1280, 54/1706, 54/2560 and 54/2800 cases and allows the use of shorter (lower power) RMS reload kits within a specific motor casing, reducing the number of cases necessary to fly a wide range of AeroTech reloads. The new system is similar in concept to AeroTech's model rocket that use "grain adapters" within the combustion chamber to permit the use of different length and power reloads within each motor case. However, the new high power adapter system is external to the combustion chamber and actually allows the use of the same reload within multiple case lengths, and also permits one case to house different length reloads.

The reload adapter system consists of three components: A new "floating" forward closure that can be positioned anywhere inside the length of an RMS casing; one or more tubular "case spacers" that sit immediately forward of the closure; and a threaded retaining ring that holds the assembly together. The standard retaining ring has a large opening that permits the ejection charge end of the floating forward closure to protrude beyond the end of the case when no grain spacers are being used.

Existing AeroTech reload kits can be loaded into motors using the reload adapter system with no modifications necessary. All reload kit parts are used in their familiar positions and configuration.

The primary advantage to using the adapter system is cost. Consumers will be able to fly reloads spanning a range of six (or more) cases by using only two RMS casings. A slight disadvantage is that motors loaded with the adapter system will be approximately 1.9" longer and 50 grams heavier per case spacer used. AeroTech is recommending a maximum of two case spacers be installed in a particular motor for ease of assembly, but there is no technical reason why a larger number of spacers could not be used.

  • Manufactured by: Aerotech Consumer Aerospace