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38/600 Casing with FSD [aro3860CA]


38/600 Casing with FSD

In Stock. Ships Feb 21

There are 5 "I" reloads available for this casing.
Includes: 38/600 casing and Forward Seal Disk.
HP ReloadsPriceAdd to Cart
I435T (38/600) Reload. 569Ns/1.1sec$59.55Buy
I284W (38/600) Reload. 607Ns/1.9sec$59.55Buy
I366R (38/600) Reload. 539Ns/1.5sec$59.55Buy
I195J (38/600) Reload. 426Ns/2.1sec$59.55Out Of Stock
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38 Forward Seal Disk (FSD)$16.40Buy

  • Manufactured by: Aerotech Consumer Aerospace