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H45W-PS. 38mm. 320Ns/6sec (Plugged) [aro0845P]


H45W-PS. 38mm. 320Ns/6sec (Plugged)

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Aerotech High-Power H45W Plugged 38mm Disposable Motor System (DMS).

The H45W DMS Single-Use and other DMS motors are different from previous and existing reloadable and single-use motors in the following important ways:
  • No hardware to buy, load, clean or lose
  • High strength, light weight filament-wound fiberglass casing
  • Lighter weight casing means higher performance
  • High reliability due to less potential for user error while retaining superior customer adjustability
  • Low cost

DMS motors feature a glass-reinforced composite phenolic nozzle, a new molded plastic bulkhead and ship with a FirstFire igniter and bondable thrust ring.

  • Manufactured by: Aerotech Consumer Aerospace