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Aerotech motors come in 8 different propellant formulations, described below:

White Lightning™ (W)

A brilliant white flame, dense bright white exhaust and a throaty roar are the hallmarks of this popular propellant. Easy to track. Exciting to watch! White Lightning looks and sounds like actual sounding rockets and launch vehicles. Special effects professionals and aerospace companies specify the AeroTech White Lightning propellant to achieve realistic simulation.

Blue Thunder™ (T)

Produces a bright violet-blue flame with a minimum of exhaust smoke. These motors provide a higher level of thrust than White Lightning or Black Jack motors of the same total impulse. Blue Thunder is the perfect propellant for high lift-off acceleration.

Black Jack™ (J) and Black Max™ (FJ)

Provides the high visibility tracking of dense black exhaust. In addition to a distinctive lift off roar, Black Jack motors give your models lower acceleration and longer powered flight than White Lightning or Blue Thunder motors of the same total impulse. Black Max provides slightly higher acceleration than White Lightning Propellant.

Redline™ (R)

Distinctly different from its propellant relatives, Redline provides unique visual and thrust characteristics for larger airframes and performance oriented flyers. The proprietary AeroTech formulation imparts Redline with its signature vivid scarlet flame. Redline's burning rate lies midway between that of White Lightning and Blue Thunder. Photos don't do justice to the "laser-beam" intensity and color of Redline™ you have to see it to appreciate it!

Warp-9™ (N)

If you blink you'll miss it! Displaying a prominent yellow-orange flame studded with "mach diamonds", Warp-9 is AeroTech's fastest-burning propellant. Originally developed for Orbital's Pegasus fin motors, Warp-9 is perfect when you need the highest thrust possible from a given motor size. Alternatively, when used in an "endburning" grain configuration, Warp-9 delivers unique thrust curve profiles such as that produced by the new G69N model rocket reload.

Mojave Green™ (G)

Mojave Green™ is one of AeroTech's newest propellants designed for its single use and RMS reloadable motors. Named for an infamous green rattlesnake with two types of venom that roams the Mojave desert, Mojave Green produces a brilliant green exhaust plume with a moderate amount of smoke. Mojave Green's high density and specific impulse delivers a higher total impulse in each motor size than any other AeroTech propellant. Motor burn times using Mojave Green are similar to those produced by Redline™.

Metalstorm™ (M)

Metalstorm is AeroTech's latest propellant designed for its single-use and RMS reloadable motors. It has completely different visual, audible and performance characteristics than the other sparky propellants currently on the market. Metalstorm ignites easily and produces a large, brilliant white exhaust plume, a much longer yellow-orange dense spark tail, plentiful white sparks that fan out in flight and an ample volume of white smoke.

Metalstorm's high density and relatively high specific impulse results in a higher delivered total impulse for a given volume than some other sparky propellants. This characteristic makes Metalstorm "the performance sparky". Motor burn times using Metalstorm propellant are slightly longer than those produced by White Lightning™, but the total impulse is only slightly lower.

Metalstorm™ motors assemble in an identical fashion to other AeroTech reloads fitting the same hardware. Cleanup is easy with none of the problems plaguing earlier sparky motors.

As with all rocket motors using spark-generating propellants, special precautions must be taken to avoid fires around the launch pad by clearing the immediate area of all combustible materials in accordance with applicable fire and safety codes.

Information courtesy of AeroTech