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1.0" (1010 ) Linear Rail Lugs. 2 pack


1.0\" (1010 ) Linear Rail Lugs. 2 pack

In Stock. Ships Aug 26

The new PML Linear Rail Lugs are made of durable yet light-weight urethane. They glide smoothly and securely along both the Blacksky ProRail (TM) and the standard 1" (#1010) 80/20 (TM) brand rail. They have the same frontal area as rail buttons but with much greater surface area so that they can be mounted using epoxy alone in those situations where a screw would interfere with internal components. The lugs can also be mounted using two flathead screws for added strength. The channeled base allows for a conformal fit to any airframe 1.5" dia. and larger. (Screws are not included. We recommend a #6 flathead screw, 1/2" long, for attaching the rail lugs.)

  • Manufactured by: Public Missiles