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2.6" 29 mm Motor Mount with Baffle / 3 fin [aro22603]


2.6\" 29 mm Motor Mount with Baffle / 3 fin

In Stock. Ships Mar 25

Complete motor assembly for 2.6" rockets. Includes: 12" Motor Tube, Fin-Lok™ rings, 3 x strong Aero-Fibre™ centering rings, thrust ring, motor hook, screw eye, cooling mesh, molded ejection baffle, 2 x 1/4" launch lugs.

This is the same motor mount that is supplied with all Aerotech rockets. This particular mount is designed for 2.6" tubes, 29mm motors and can be used to hold 3 Fin-Lok™ fins if desired.

This motor mount will fit into BT-80 tubes.

  • Manufactured by: Aerotech HobbyLine