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Aerotech First Fire Mini. 8" Igniter (3 pack) [aro89899]


Aerotech First Fire Mini. 8\" Igniter (3 pack)

In Stock. Ships Aug 19

A three pack of 8" Firstfire Mini™ model rocket motor igniters are manufactured with a smaller diameter wire than the FirstFire Jr™ igniters, allowing them to fit a wider range of motors, particularly those with small throats. The FirstFire Mini™ igniters offer the same reliability that customers have enjoyed with the other igniters in the FirstFire line. FirstFire Mini™ igniters work on both 9V and 12V launch systems.

The igniter has a smaller tip and is best for the following motors

Composite S/U -D10, D21, E15, E20, F26, F27
Composite Reloads - D9, D13, D15, D24, E11, F12

  • Manufactured by: Aerotech HobbyLine