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AeroTech Rocketry
The Leader in High Performance Rocketry!

Since 1982 Aerotech supplies high-quality motors, rocket kits and components for mid and high power rocketry. Aerotech Rocket Kits feature unique Fin-Lok™ fin mounting system, which carries and distributes aerodynamic and thrust loads throughout an integrated rocket structure. Assembly is quick, easy, neat, and precise. When the rocket reaches peak altitude, the Labyrinth™ ejection gas cooling system cools the hot gas from the rocket motor ejection charge. The cooled ejection gas pressurizes the parachute bay and ejects the parachute (requiring no parachute wadding). Every kit comes with motor adapters that allow you to easily use a range of different length, diameter and power AeroTech rocket motors.

AeroTech composite rocket motors are the most technically advanced hobby motors in the world. These motors use the same solid propellant as America's space boosters. Pound for pound, this propellant delivers nearly three times the power of black powder, allowing you to fly larger rockets, heavier payloads and achieve higher altitudes than ever before. AeroTech composite rocket motors are produced in seven propellant formulations for both reloadable and single-use motors.

As an official distributor we are proud to offer full line of Aerotech products, including spare parts for rockets and high-power motors.